Today we had a lovely couple visit our studio to have photographs taken for their 50th Wedding Anniversary. This had been organised by their daughter. 

They thoroughly enjoyed the experience. I had my head stuck in the computer as Ciara welcomed our clients and brought them in to the photography studio. I could hear the laughter and the general rumbling of a joyous chat. 

Usually I am there to assist with babies and young children… keeping them safe or entertaining them to a ridiculous rendition of “baby shark”. What happened to “The wheels on the bus go round and round” ?? Today, I wasn’t needed… but I wished I was there!

As I sat there I thought of all the beautiful family moments we are involved in, whether it is the newness of a little baby or the celebration of a marriage that had lasted a long long time. 

A couple of years ago Ciara took photos of my parents on the occasion of their 65th Wedding Anniversary. I remember how special that day was. They were surrounded by children, grandchildren, great grandchildren. Also a special visit from their surviving siblings. 

Thankfully my parents had since celebrated their 66th anniversary and are still going strong. Everytime I walk out of my sitting room, I see one of the photos of my parents that Ciara took on that day. It lifts my heart.  It totally captured their love and their connection

Although they have obviously aged since their wedding day…. The love has grown with them.

Seeing that photograph on a daily basis reminds me to value my realtionships, to keep in touch, to know that family gives me strength.

A photgraph is a lot more than an image on paper. 

It is a memory, a reminder, a connection.  

So don’t lose those memories on USB sticks or a hard drives.

Get some printed and display them. And enjoy the memory and the reminder.

Big hugs,


September 4th 2020

A little update

The lovely couple that Pauline spoke about in the first paragraph of this little blog, came back to Heyday Studios this week to view their images and order some gorgeous Wall Art products. Again there was much laughter and even a few tears!

They loved their photo's so much that they asked me to share one.... so here is this one we chose to share.

Their lovely daughter had shown me their engagement photo before their session, and she felt this image captured not only her parents but she said that I had captured exactly what was in her mind when she was booking this lovely Anniversary Portrait Session for them.

I will admit I shed a tear when she said these lovely words.



(26th September 2020)

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Happy 50th Wedding Anniversary, John & Mary.