Heyday Fine Art Portraits

An image can paint a thousand words! They tell a story......your's, your child's, your family's!

What is a Fine Art Portrait?

A Fine Art Portrait is timeless and captures the very essence of the subject.
It can tell a story, it can be beautiful, it can provoke. In essence it is all about creating an image that both the photography team and you work together to create.

It requires great planning and skill. Nothing is left to chance. Clothes, props, symbolism, lighting, poses, gestures, expressions.... all are planned to capture the required image, to tell your story.

"The aim of art is not to represent the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance."


Special Moments

What story do you want to tell?
What occasion do you want to mark?
Is it a "big" birthday?
Is it an anniversary?
Have you survived something and you want to celebrate that fact?
Do you want to capture a moment that is NOW.... before you change!
Your story is important.

What is involved?

If you are interested in a fine Art Portrait, it starts with a conversation!
We listen, we chat, we help , we plan with you.

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Our session fee of €99 covers the prep and work of actual session and then we have options for purchasing the images.

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