Heyday Art

Pauline's thoughts on Art!

I have been painting all my life. I believe that making art is beneficial for everyone. I have always been interested in the therapeutic effects of art both making it and even viewing it.
I believe that making and owning art is for all, not just for a select few.
I experiment, I try new media (real and digital) and subject matter all the time. I don't aspire to be a specialist in any one field of painting. I don't like to be boxed in.
I also love facilitating other people to make art.

Art For Sale

Our studio is full of art for sale. Paintings and fine art photography.

To view our range of art, just get in touch and arrange to call up for a browse.

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Art Classes

Art classes are suspended at the moment.

Coaching with Art

Pauline is a qualified Life coach with many years experience. She has studied the therapeutic effects of art.

The combination of a coaching conversation and making images is a powerful tool in reducing stress, anxiety and in gaining clarity.

These sessions are one to one and are completely confidential.

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