Lockdown 2021

In March 2020 when we went into our first Lockdown, I literally put my cameras away and they stayed in their bags for the entire duration. Pauline stayed painting and it helped keep her sane, but we both really struggled with our creative sides.

In November 2020 when we went into Lockdown for a second time it hit us harder. Pauline kept painting and again my camera's were locked away.

January 2021... I set myself a goal for 2021 to be more creative and despite running a busy studio, to make time to do some creative photography. Perfect timing really as went into Lockdown 3!

A couple of days after making this decision one of the Photography groups I am in announced a Lockdown Challenge, different themes each week, the images could be either older ones or taken within the week. So, I decided my images would be taken within the week, it would force me to think creatively again and to put some thought into the images I wanted to take.

I am going to share those images here each week, probably on a Thursday/Friday.... and sure let's see where it goes!

Week 1

Loved One

This should have been an easy one for me.... but let me tell how difficult it is for a photographer to take their own family portrait!

However this is truly us!

Loved One

Week 2


I really enjoyed this one and had planned to take this image even before the theme was announced!

Blowing bubbles in the front garden in sub zero temperatures at 8am.... great fun!

Water - Frozen Bubble

Week 3


So, this was a tough week to take. Theme was just Lockdown, it could be a feeling or an activity, anything really related to Lockdown.

A lot of us are finding this Lockdown tough going at times and I think this was the week it really got to me.


Week 4


I think at the moment time is a blur and a bit fragmented for all of us!


Week 5


As soon as my lovey friend Dave set this theme I knew what I wanted to do.

Butterflies are all around me at the moment.

Hope you guys are staying sane... I know doing these are helping me stay sane!


Week 6

Waking Dream

Kinda feels like we are all in a waking dream at the moment doesn’t it!

Looks like it will be another while before we can open our doors again... this news has kinda got to us a bit today so if it’s ok we will chat about it with ye guys over coming days!

For now... stay safe and mind each other.

Waking Dream

Week 7

New beginnings

Some new beginnings are planned for, fresh and exciting, some are new beginnings we wait years for and some new beginnings are thrust upon us by sudden endings. 

Sometimes we aren’t even aware that a new beginning is a new beginning, sometimes we need to look a little bit harder to realise that a new beginning is in the process of happening. 

I was chatting with a friend last Friday, and asked her for this weeks theme. Almost immediately they said New Beginnings and within a short time I knew this was the image and quote for the week... I even knew the exact spot I wanted to take it!

The joy of these sort of images is that each person can take from it what they want to/need to. 

New Beginnings

Week 8

Good For The Head/For The Birds

Turn the volume up and escape for a few seconds!

Thanks a mill to Damian for choosing this weeks. 

I was originally going with good for the head and went to a spot that I am really enjoying at the moment and while there the birds were in full voice so literally stood there for a long number of minutes listening to their birdsong and decided to record a snippet on the phone. 

Folks this week seems to be very tough on all of us. Be kind to yourself. We don’t have to be full of beans every single day.

Week 9

All kinds of Everything

Theme chosen by my sister, I think she’s a closet Dana fan.

There were Snowdrops beside these gorgeous daffodils and that was the original plan but they were looking a little bit sad.

I often get asked about what is the best camera to have... simply the one you have with you... this taken on my phone. 

All Kinds of Everything

Week 10


There’s one line in this piece that keeps popping up for me over the last few weeks... does that ever happen anyone else?

It’s a piece I just love and connect to and I think we all deserve a bit of hope right now.

Thank you to my big blister Shelagh for this weeks theme. I better ask the Mammy for next weeks before she gives out to me.

Stay safe & strong folks.



Week 11


This one sent me down a rabbit hole of memories...the whole time the Maroon 5 song of the same name was in my head over and over again (also a beautiful simple video for the tune).

I think as the years go by our memories become more important and precious to us, especially when we have lost loved ones.

We always focus on printed images and wall art products in the studio and during the first lockdown I purchased these photo boxes to store all the small prints I have gathered of family and friends over the years. I also printed off a few hundred photos from my phone and let my boys go through them and select the ones they wanted for themselves.

I just think it’s so important to have these tangible prints and even more so now after loosing my best friend last year and I am still finding photos from our 30 year friendship hidden in the piles of prints and photos.

Please print your photos.



*big thank you to my fabulous Mum for this weeks theme*


Week 12


Week 12... yikes!

Guess what our current mood is!

Anyone else feeling like they want to break free?

Stay strong and stay safe folks x

I want to break free

Week 13


My youngest son gave me this weeks theme and said his brother had to help me take the image ;-)


Week 14


This week was chosen by my eldest boy who has followed me with his love for all things music and The Beatles.

The Beatles

Week 15


No words needed this week

The Space Between

Week 16


Meet Hagrid T he is my friends little man.... isn’t he gorgeous!!

Enjoy the gorgeous weather this weekend folks, it feels good to be outside again!


Week 17


Sheffield Woods has become a spot I’ve fallen in love with over the last few months, a chance to escape and clear the head. Went for a walk the other evening and the Bluebells are in full bloom so here is a little different take on them. A technique done all in camera, no magic or photoshop used, it has been so long since I captured this style that for a few minutes I had forgotten how to do it and then saw this appear on the back of the camera and was happy!

Have a lovely Bank Holiday weekend folks. Only one more week of Lockdown Challenge from me!!!

My Happy Place