Lockdown 2021

In March 2020 when we went into our first Lockdown, I literally put my cameras away and they stayed in their bags for the entire duration. Pauline stayed painting and it helped keep her sane, but we both really struggled with our creative sides.

In November 2020 when we went into Lockdown for a second time it hit us harder. Pauline kept painting and again my camera's were locked away.

January 2021... I set myself a goal for 2021 to be more creative and despite running a busy studio, to make time to do some creative photography. Perfect timing really as went into Lockdown 3!

A couple of days after making this decision one of the Photography groups I am in announced a Lockdown Challenge, different themes each week, the images could be either older ones or taken within the week. So, I decided my images would be taken within the week, it would force me to think creatively again and to put some thought into the images I wanted to take.

I am going to share those images here each week, probably on a Thursday/Friday.... and sure let's see where it goes!

Week 1

Loved One

This should have been an easy one for me.... but let me tell how difficult it is for a photographer to take their own family portrait!

However this is truly us!

Loved One

Week 2


I really enjoyed this one and had planned to take this image even before the theme was announced!

Blowing bubbles in the front garden in sub zero temperatures at 8am.... great fun!

Water - Frozen Bubble

Week 3


So, this was a tough week to take. Theme was just Lockdown, it could be a feeling or an activity, anything really related to Lockdown.

A lot of us are finding this Lockdown tough going at times and I think this was the week it really got to me.


Week 4


I think at the moment time is a blur and a bit fragmented for all of us!


Week 5


As soon as my lovey friend Dave set this theme I knew what I wanted to do.

Butterflies are all around me at the moment.

Hope you guys are staying sane... I know doing these are helping me stay sane!


Week 6

Waking Dream

Kinda feels like we are all in a waking dream at the moment doesn’t it!

Looks like it will be another while before we can open our doors again... this news has kinda got to us a bit today so if it’s ok we will chat about it with ye guys over coming days!

For now... stay safe and mind each other.

Waking Dream